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We are a team of licensed drivers you can book DIRECT, meaning we cut out the middleman so we pass on the savings to you, the consumer.

Our vehicle fleet numbers over 20 vehicles with more than 30 drivers on standby 365 days a year,
24 hours a day at your service. We have lady drivers too!

Requiring only a short minimum of merely 12 hours  (standard industry is 24-48 hours) notification for long haul trips across Peninsula Malaysia and minimum of 2-4 hours (depending on peak periods) for cross border traffic between Singapore and Johor, Malaysia.



Please note that applicable surcharges may need to be added on during the major festive seasons.

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Foreign vehicles entering Singapore to pay ‘reciprocal road charge’ of S$6.40

As of February 2015, all applicable booking and trips (cross border) will have additional surcharge applied due to (RRP) Reciprocal Road Charge arrangement $6.40 SGD at the Singapore side of the customs.


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